Where to change money in Buenos Aires

Let´s assume you just arrived in Buenos Aires and brought cash in the currency of your home country, like euros or dollars. Now your big question might be how to get cash in the local currency – the Argentine peso.

Payments with credit and debit cards are accepted in most places anyway, but for certain things like small shops, taxi rides or others, you will always need some cash.

Here are a few different options on how to obtain pesos:

  • The national bank: Going to the national bank (Banco de la Nación) is one of the safest ways to change your money since the subsidiaries are all monitored by cameras and security personnel. Also, their exchange rates are generally pretty good. However, they are only open during the week, and it may be that you have to accept long queues at certain times of the day. Here are all the banks subsidiaries listed.
  • Exchange houses: Another option to get pesos are the so-called “Casas de cambio“, which are mainly located in the city center (Microcentro). It´s advisable to exchange money there, as they usually also have fair exchange rates and are monitored. On this list you will find all the official exchange offices in Buenos Aires.
  • ATMs and money transfer services: If you haven’t taken much cash with you, there is the option to withdraw pesos at any ATM (although the withdrawal fees are pretty high). To wire money from a foreign bank account to yours, you can use services like Western Union or Azimo. Their exchange rates are usually even better than the official one. Still there is a small fee deducted and it may take a few days until you receive your money.
  • Additional recommendations: It´s not absolutely necessary to change all your money into pesos! There are some places where foreign currencies such as euros or dollars are accepted, like for example at big supermarket chains like Coto, or other shops and restaurants around Buenos Aires.


  • When changing money, it´s important that you take your passport with you, as it´s required in places like banks or exchange houses!
  • You shouldn´t change cash on the streets or with strangers, as you might be receiving counterfeit money! To know how to recognize fake bills, click here!
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