The top apps to use when in Buenos Aires

Arriving for the first time in Buenos Aires can be a little overwhelming. You might ask yourself “How do I get from A to B? How do I communicate if I don’t (or hardly) speak Spanish? Where can I grab something to eat or drink?“ But that’s normal because you have to organize yourself a little at first. Downloading local apps is the best way to get started!

We have listed you the most important ones (and they are all free):

  • Food: Our all-time favorite among the delivery apps is Rappi. They have all kinds of food, are fast and the app is super easy to handle. As part of “The BA Clan“ you should definitely download it, as you will receive 100 pesos in Rappicredits and a free Mc Donald´s quarter pound! If you prefer to eat out and get to know the restaurants of Buenos Aires, we recommend the app Restorando. It shows great restaurants and bars near you and also lets you make reservations.

  • Moving around: During the day it is advisable to use public transport, such as the subte (metro) or the bus. The app BA Cómo llego shows you how to get from A to B. To find out more about travel options, read our guide to public transport in Buenos Aires . If you come home at night from partying or have to travel a longer distance, you should use taxis or transport services such as Uber or Cabify. They are not too expensive and will get you to your destination quickly and safely.

  • Communicating with the locals: Whether you already speak Spanish or not, there will always be things you want to look up or don’t understand yet. For this, we recommend standard translator apps like for example PONS. Though there are also a bunch of Argentinean words and phrases that you should know. You can find them in the app Porteño Spanish.

  • Exploring the city: Get to know the city and have the ultimate plan for your free time with the help of the app Travel Buenos Aires. Here you will find all kinds of tours, activities, and events in Buenos Aires. Enjoy!

  • Nightlife: Buenos Aires at night has a lot to offer. Typically you start with a Previa (Pre-drinking) at home. If you want to get to know locals to organize a Previa with, we recommend the App Prebo. The principle is similar to Tinder, only for groups and with the intention to get together and drink. To find a cool bar or the next nightclub after previa, we recommend the App BA Night.

You see, there are many different apps to help you out. Which apps do you use in Buenos Aires? Write it in the comments!