How and where to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

“¿Hablas español?” Spanish is Argentina´s official language. Argentine Spanish, however, differs in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary from the Spanish spoken in other countries. If you already speak the language, you have a clear advantage. If not, your semester abroad is the perfect opportunity to do so.

We have the ultimate tips for you to master it:

  • A Spanish course in a language school: Group courses in Spanish are probably the best way to learn Spanish quickly and get to know people. Our favorites among the Spanish schools are the BAse Institute and Porteñísima. If you are a part of The BA Clan, the BAse Institute will offer you 2×1 Spanish courses. So you can bring a friend, roommate or whoever you want! At Porteñísima you get a 10% discount on courses, as well as free lessons on Mondays.

  • Applications and websites: For those of you who prefer relaxing on the couch while learning some Spanish basics, we recommend using apps or websites. Duolingo or SpanishDict are great for learning basic words, phrases, and grammar. FluentU is a Spanish culture blog with interesting articles about the language. If you feel like talking with native people via video chat, use the tandem app. Super recommendable!

  • Social events: In order to learn a language effectively, you have to speak and practice it with locals. There are some social events in Buenos Aires that are designed for this purpose, such as Mundolingo. Another series of events are those of the Mate club de conversaciones, my personal favorite. Here you not only exchange with locals but also drink the famous “mate” with them. Typical Argentinean!

My most important tip is not to be afraid of mistakes. I also had my difficulties but meanwhile, I speak Spanish fluently. So don´t be shy, go out and start talking and you’ll see that you succeed! “¡Vamos!”