The top pizzerias in Buenos Aires

Did you know that last year Argentina broke a Guinness record? They made 11,000 pizzas in 24 hours! With this, they dethroned Rome, which had been on the podium until then! The Argentinians are apparently just as crazy about pizza as the Italians. Reason enough to try your hand through the city’s pizzerias!

However, the Argentine variant is very different from the Italian one. It has a thicker dough, a lot more cheese and also the varieties differ.

We have listed for you our favorite places in Buenos Aires to enjoy pizza:

  • Güerrín (Avenida Corrientes 1368): Probably the most famous pizzeria in Buenos Aires! Not without reason: Their pizza is super tasty and they have countless varieties. Güerrín is located in the famous Avenida Corrientes, next to several other pizzerias. Definitely worth checking out!

  • Las cuartetas (Avenida Corrientes 838): Another popular place among the Argentinians! Even the famous Argentine newspaper La nación visited the restaurant and chose it as one of the best pizzerias in the city! It is also located in Avenida Corrientes, near the famous Obelisco. The slogan of the pizzeria is “Una porción de Buenos Aires“ (“A portion of Buenos Aires“). Get your portion at Avenida Corrientes, near the famous obelisk!

  • El imperio de la pizza (Avenida Corrientes 5206): Our next recommendation, and my personal favorite! It´s also located in Avenida Corrientes, but in another neighborhood, called Villa Crespo (next to Palermo). The pizza slices are big and therefore very filling, so you probably won’t be able to eat many. But in my opinion, the pizza`s taste is unbeatable!

  • Cosí mi piace (Calle El Salvador 4618): Now let´s get to know a different kind of pizzeria! Cosí mi piace (in Palermo) is not only a beautiful restaurant but also their pizza is excellent. It is very similar to the Italian type: Thin slices, a lot of toppings and amazing taste! Perfect for a nice dinner!

  • Hell´s pizza (Calle Humboldt 1654): Another option for those who want to try another kind of pizza! Their variant is very American, imitated from the pizza sold in New York City. Also, the restaurant is furnished in the New York style. Definitely worth a visit!

Of course, there are many other good pizzerias in Buenos Aires apart from the five mentioned.

Where did you eat the best pizza in town? Let us know in the comments!