The best places to have breakfast in Buenos Aires

The Argentinians have a rather sparsely breakfast compared to other nations. Nevertheless, Buenos Aires offers endless options for breakfast or brunch! Whether you prefer a healthy fruit bowl or sweet waffles – here are our favorite (and very varied) places to have a feast:

  • La Panera Rosa: The probably cutest furnished café in Buenos Aires! On their menu, you will find sandwiches, bagels, salads, french toasts, cakes and more – Basically everything you can imagine. That´s why it is a great option for a brunch, too! They have several stores in the city, such as in Palermo Soho, Recoleta or Puerto Madero.

  • Mahalo Bowls: In the mood for a healthy colorful breakfast bowl? Mahalo offers them with fresh ingredients, fruits, and sweet topics. They also have special bowls, like the Açaí Bowl (really worth trying!). Their store is located in the Distrito Arcos in Palermo and decorated in a beachy way. Get your bowl and enjoy a little bit of summer feeling!

  • Crepas: Another great breakfast option is Crepas. As you can tell by the name, the place is all about crepes. Whether you prefer the sweet or the salty version, their crepe selection is huge! Apart from crepes, they also have sandwiches and different kinds of juices.

  • Waffle`s House: If you are craving waffles, then you should go for breakfast at Waffle´s House. Their menu consists of sweet and salty waffle versions, but also special ones, like waffle burgers or pizzas. Our recommendation: Try the waffles with oreo or kinder chocolate. So tasty!

  • Juan Pedro Caballero Churrería: Did you already try churros in Argentina? If not, we have the best hotspot for you to do that. Churros with chocolate, dulce de leche and nuts, or with ricotta, pistachios or bacon – Juan Pedro Caballero has all of them in his Churrería in Palermo!

  • On the go: Costumbres Argentinas: This bakery is my absolute favorite! Their products are super tasty, but still very cheap. They offer typical Argentinean pastries such as Medialunas (Argentine croissants) or Criollos. The bakery has over 30 stores around Buenos Aires. Ideal for grabbing breakfast on the go!

Got hungry? Then check out our hotspots and enjoy your breakfast or brunch! What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast? Let us know in the comments!

!Buen provecho!