The Top Cervecerías in Buenos Aires

Whoever comes to Argentina for the first time will notice one thing above all: Argentinians love craft beer! Only in Buenos Aires, there are about 500 Cervecerías (craft beer pubs). With such a huge amount you probably wonder which one you should go to first. But don’t worry – we have listed the top cervecerías in Buenos Aires for you

  • Temple Craft: This one is our all time favorite! At one of our Welcome Asados, we already let our guests taste the famous Temple craft beer! You can find the video about the asado here. Also, as part of The BA Clan, you get a 15% discount on food and drinks at Temple craft, as well as a free beer on your birthday!

  • Growlers: This Cervecería is also highly recommendable, because of its beautiful flair and its lovely terrace. The main pub is located in Palermo, but they recently opened another one in Recoleta. Their huge variety of craft beer is really worth trying! 

  • Boca a Boca: Like the previous one, this cervecería has a pub in Palermo and another one in Recoleta. However, the view from the pub in Recoleta is unbeatable! From its terrace, you can see the beautiful cemetery of Recoleta. If you don’t know the cemetery yet, you should visit it and afterwards enjoy a Craft beer at Boca a boca!

  • La Birrería: Get to know the famous La Birrería! In total, the owners have seven pubs in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. The coolest thing to order there is definitely the Skate Sampler:  Four different types of craft beer and two shots of Jägermeister, served on a skateboard. So cool!

  • Lowell´s Biergarten: Last but not least we have a very special recommendation for you! Lowell´s is a charming beer garden, located in the neighborhood of San Isidro. The place is really huge and has an amazing outdoor area with its own pond. It´s the perfect place for a relaxing day with friends and some beers. On the way to the Cervecería, you can also explore the northern part of Buenos Aires, which is really beautiful and quite.

So if you’re as big a craft beer fan as the Argentineans, you should make sure to try the craft beer at all these places. ¡Salud!