Where to eat Ice Cream in Buenos Aires

Although it is autumn, ice cream is consumed all around the year in Argentina. The Argentinians are crazy about their ice cream. It’s common to order large quantities of ice cream, such as a kilo, and then share it.

The sorts in Argentina also differ from the European ones. Here, for example, there are many different varieties of chocolate or dulce de leche. Want to know where to find the best ice cream? Keep on reading!

  • Lucciano’s (Honduras 4881): I’m sure you’ve passed this ice-cream parlor before. They are known for their extraordinary ice cream palettes. For example, they make ice cream in the shape of paws or minions. This year Lucciano’s was named the ice cream parlor with the best homemade ice cream in town! Reason enough to try their ice cream.
  • Rapanui (Malabia 2014): We continue with the ranking of the best ice cream parlors – because Rapanui came second at this. Their specialty are chocolates of all kinds. And also their selection of ice cream flavors is really huge. So if you’re in the mood for ice cream mixed with tasty chocolate, you should try Rapanui!
  • La Flor de Almagro (Estado de Israel 4742): This ice cream parlor is rather less known but in my opinion THE insider tip and much more affordable than the big companies. As the name already says, it is located in the neighborhood Almagro, right on the border to Palermo and Villa Crespo. My flavor recommendations: Dulce de leche deleite and Crema Oreo. The best ones I’ve ever tried!
  • The Cream Lab (El Salvador 4872): Let’s get to a place where they don’t serve ice cream in the normal waffle, but in the XXL waffle and with different extras like fruits or chocolates! The photos on their Instagram page are soon tempting. Check them out!
  • Freddo (Armenia 1618): Last but not least, another classic among the ice cream parlors. Freddo has more than 30 stores in Buenos Aires and is very well known among the Argentinians. Especially their shakes and different types of “tablas” are very recommendable!

So let’s go, try your way through the ice cream parlors of Buenos Aires! The Coolest thing – Most of them are open until late into the night.

If you could only eat one ice cream until the end of your life, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments!