Things you should do when you arrive in Buenos Aires

You have made it, you have finally arrived in Buenos Aires! It is probably your first time in Argentina and you don’t know how to find your way yet. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for you, with all the important things you should do first when you just arrived in Buenos Aires (FYI: We also sent you a PDF file before your arrival, with important information for your trip preparation):

Money: After your arrival, you probably just want to relax. But you will also need to buy some food or other essential things. Find out where the next ATM or bank is, in order to change your money.  If this seems really complicated, search for a restaurant or supermarket where dollars or euros are accepted (e.g. Coto). You can also just pay by card, as they are accepted in most places. Find all the important information about changing and obtaining money in this article.   

Orientation: You will probably not have an Argentine Sim when you arrive, which is why you won’t have an internet connection when you leave the house. The best way to orient yourself is to download an app that gives you access to an offline map of Buenos Aires (e.g. That way you can save important addresses and places like ATMs, supermarkets or your accommodation and find them without an internet connection.

Internet connection: In order to communicate via the internet, however, we still recommend you to get an Argentine sim card as soon as possible. For this, you can simply go to any phone provider store (like Personal, Movistar or Claro). The sim cards work with a pre-paid system and you can recharge them at kiosks, pharmacies or supermarkets. Be sure to take your passport with you, as you will need to identify yourself in order to register a number on your name.

Public transport: To get around Buenos Aires you need a card (“tarjeta”) called SUBE. You will receive it upon your arrival and can recharge it at underground stations or kiosks. More information about public transport and how to get from A to B can be found here.

Most importantly, don’t stress yourself out. In Argentina, many things are more relaxed than in other countries. You will find your way around quickly, that’s for sure. Some supermarkets, kiosks, and pharmacies and ATMs are open 24 hours a day, so you can get the important items you need at any time. Also, people here are very helpful. So just ask for the things you need, in case you don’t find them on your own.