Funky places to eat out in BA

…that won’t break the bank.

Buenos Aires does not fall short on restaurant choices, from the classic Asado to many slightly more novel options too. As a student in BA, the first thought when choosing to eat out is, sadly, the price. So here I present to you, funky places (with flavours from all over the world) to eat out in BA that won’t leave you with an empty pocket.

1. La Fábrica del Taco

Gorriti 5062, Palermo

La Fábrica del Taco holds a very special place in my heart, as I ventured here jet-lagged as hell with a group of wonderful ingleses I’d only just met but knew I didn’t want to fall asleep on mid – conversation/ taco. Arriving reasonably early at 8pm there was already queues, but I soon understood why. As a burrito-lover myself, the guac-filled burrito pollo was to DIE for, while the famous taco’s were eaten faster than I could say ‘Cómo anda?’ They offer promo’s every day rain or shine, at what I would consider an absolute steal – hence I have been back to this lovely establishment many times since. If you’re feeling a little more bougie, try the frozen margaritas – ooooof.


2. Burger Joint

Borges 1766, Palermo


On the topic of margaritas, Burger Joint is perhaps my favourite place to wallow in a hangover. The exterior suggests nothing special, with a sole neon burger light, but inside a whole new flavourful experience awaits. I had recently grown quite tired of the same old mediocre burger dive, but after having tried the #420 Burger with brie, caramelised pancetta and lime and mango jalapeño sauce, this feeling soon fled. For $330 you get a huge burger, a mountain of delicious fries and a pinta. What’s not to like?

3. Sarkis

Thames 1101, Palermo


I’d heard about Sarkis from locals ever since I arrived in BA, with one Porteño pal telling me that ‘To go home to BA, is to go to Sarkis.’ There is a strong Arabic presence in Palermo, a microcosm of the melting-pot that is BA – Sarkis being a wonderful representation of this. From the classic humous, tabouleh and baba-ghanoush delights to some more niche dishes, the food is heavenly and the prices incredibly reasonable. You will leave as full as you wish your wallet was, but not because of a trip to Sarkis – which will only set you back around $300 if you order everything you fancy.

4. Güerrin

Av. Corrientes 1368, Balvanera


I’m not particularly a fan of thick-crust pizza, nor of waiting in long queues. A trip to Güerrin includes both of these – one of the oldest and most traditional pizzerias on Avenida Corrientes. Founded by Italian immigrants in 1932, it’s maybe this establishment that made Pizza and Argentine Gastronomy so synonymous. Melted cheese spills over the huge slices, but don’t let this put you off. It is, quite frankly, DELICIOUS. As well, it is compulsory to order a slice of Faina, something totally unique to Buenos Aires; a thin chickpea-based pizza, which you should eat on top of your originally ordered-slices. I didn’t quite agree with this ‘classic’, but it’s a necessity if you want to feel like a Porteño.

5. Las Cabras

Fitz Roy 1795, Palermo Hollywood


Celebrating a birthday/ promotion/ or just in need of a bit of self-care? The aesthetic of Las Cabras is simply dreamy, and the food is even better. With a classic menu of meaty steaks, as well as beautiful veggie options such as ‘una parilla de verduras’, it is impossible to leave this place without a big smile and a full tummy. You probably won’t even want to leave, as the candle-lit parilla haven oozes foodie-content.

6. Don Juan

Bonpland 993, Palermo Hollywood


While on the theme of Argentine cuisine, I couldn’t not include Don Juan’s on Bonpland. The exterior suggests nothing exciting or particularly special, but the empanadas are INCREDIBLE. After living in Buenos Aires for a while, they may start to taste quite similar and same-ish, but Don Juan’s are an exception. Go for the Empanada Caserito Huevo Aceituna for ultimate empanada-devouring, or if you’re veggie the Calabaza version is delightful. What makes this place memorable is not just the food, but the adorable lady serving you – often slightly stressed but consistently charismatic, I should definitely know her name the amount of times I’ve gone to get my empanada fix. Great food, great service – and they do delivery too!

7. Gran Dabang

Avenida Raul Scalabrini Ortiz 1543, Palermo Soho


Don’t expect classic Asian cuisine here, expect even better. Described as a ‘Tapas Fusion Restaraunt’, each plate is bursting with flavour and incredible quality. From smoked lamb curry to rotis and pakoras with a clever twist; the small, affordable and delicious portions give you no choice but to order more and more. It even features on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. With few interior frills, Gran Dabang lets its food speak for itself. Veggie’s will particularly appreciate this wonder, where meat is proven not to be compulsory when Latin American and Asian flavours are combined.